Vocational Guidance Services pioneered the Work Adjustment technique that is currently used throughout the country.¬† An “earn-while-you-learn” opportunity, Work Adjustment is a transitional employment program in which consumers earn a paycheck while learning appropriate workplace behaviors, such as work quality, punctuality, and productivity.

Clerical Work Adjustment is a self-paced program that provides consumers with a basic understanding of the equipment and skills needed for success in an office setting.
Community-Based Work Adjustment offers transitional paid work experience in various work sites throughout the community.

Custodial Work Adjustment combines classroom instruction with paid hands-on work experience. Consumers learn a variety of custodial skills and techniques, including restroom care, carpet cleaning, and floor waxing.

Facility-Based Work Adjustment provides a variety of hands-on work experience in areas such as packaging, assembly, inspection, quality control, sorting, and materials handling.

Textile Services Work Adjustment prepares consumers for vocational training and job placement through a transitional paid work experience in the textile services industry producing U.S. military apparel.