Once training is complete, the search for employment begins. With participation in Vocational Guidance Services’ Placement Services, our professional staff guide individuals through the
job-seeking process, from identifying employer expectations and filling out applications to resume creation and interview preparation. After a job has been secured, we provide continued guidance to help individuals achieve long-term success.

Job Coaching provides on-the-job assistance in areas such as work sociability, acceptance of rules and supervision, personal hygiene, and work quality, all helping to bridge the transition from training to work. Job Coaching also helps individuals to learn and master job skills.

Job Site Work Experience, a paid work experience program, is designed for individuals who are essentially job-ready but require additional transferable skills. An emphasis is placed on establishing a recent work history and demonstrating work readiness in a real work environment.

VGS’ Job Placement Retention Program helps individuals obtain competitive employment by providing job leads, interviewing tips, and job choice guidance. Post-placement assistance is also available to ensure long-term success.

Job Search Skills Training prepares individuals for every aspect of a job search, including how to complete job applications, appropriate dress, resume writing, and mock interview sessions.

Temporary Employment helps individuals gain real-world work experience while providing local employers with dedicated, well-trained temporary workers. The ultimate goal is to prepare each individual so that he or she is able to obtain full-time employment.

For more information please contact us at rehab@vgsjob.org.