Our mission:
Preparing People with Barriers to Employment
for a Brighter Future


Our vision is to become the premier vocational rehabilitation agency in the nation.
We will be known for our innovation, quality services, and our caring approach to assisting individuals with significant disabilities and other barriers to employment.
Our unwavering belief plus the power of an individual’s abilities will propel VGS consumers to exceed expectations and gain self-reliance.



Fiscal Responsibility Innovation



Continuous Improvement


Healthy Communications


Commitment to Key Stakeholders

Goals Achievement


Consumer Advocacy Mission Related Growth



Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence (VGS PRIDE)

We will take Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence. We will treat every customer with dignity, respect and kindness, while pursuing fulfilling job opportunities for persons with disabilities and other barriers to employment. Our knowledgeable staff will provide vocational rehabilitation and other supportive services tailored to the individual needs of each customer. We will explore every opportunity to better prepare our consumers to meet the changing workforce demands of the labor market.



Strategic Issues Desired Outcomes 
Core Performance Indicators • VGS will exceed all consumer, funder and customer performance expectations and be the provider of choice in all served markets. 
Leadership and Staff Development  • VGS is staffed to meet current and future opportunities.• Sunbeam and VGS Boards are appropriately diversified, committed to the mission, and actively support the Agency financially and programmatically.
Innovation  • Innovative mission – related programs that respond to consumer vocational, social and community needs are developed and successfully implemented, thus increasing agency services and subsequent employment for people with significant disabilities and other barriers to employment.• Social enterprise programs are developed and successfully implemented, thus increasing agency employment of people with significant disabilities and other barriers to employment.• Market & geographic expansion achieved to access & respond to vocational & social enterprise opportunities
Financial Strength  • VGS generates revenues in excess of expenses adequate to cover program improvement and growth, capital expenditures and eliminate debt.
Brand Development  • VGS’ brand is widely recognized and respected in our core and expanding market areas.• Donors recognize VGS as the “charity of choice” in the vocational rehabilitation field.
Strategic Collaboration • VGS actively pursues and is pursued for strategic collaborations that are beneficial to all parties and their constituents.
Capital  • Implement and largely complete a comprehensive campaign to address infrastructure, endowment, and new program service needs.• Establish satellite facilities where appropriate and house needed programs therein.• Develop capital expenditures budget.