Building Maintenance Skills Training

VGS’ Building Maintenance Skills Training Program is designed to provide individuals
with training in proper building maintenance methods in preparation
for entry-level building maintenance positions.

The program begins with an introduction to the work environment and an overview of the topics to be covered during the program. Participants are introduced to routine, day-to-day maintenance responsibilities, as well as emergency and preventative maintenance.  Safety procedures are fully reviewed in each topic area including working with chemicals, tools, and other equipment.  In addition, participants are instructed in the proper methods for
blood-borne pathogens cleanup and receive a separate certification in this area.

Curriculum is divided into six areas:
Carpentry/Painting, Drywall and Repairs

Program is a mix of classroom instruction as well as hands-on work experience
and one-on-one training with a qualified instructor.
The program can be adjusted to fit each individual’s specific needs, skill level, and experience.

For more information please contact us at rehab@vgsjob.org.